I grew up in a small town, but I have kept in touch with my closest friends even though I’ve moved away. It takes hours to get home for a visit, yet I enjoy meeting with my friends as often as possible. One Friday night, an old friend from home called. He was extremely upset because he and his girlfriend had a bit of an argument, and he couldn’t find her. She lived at home with her parents, but they hadn’t seen her. He had already called all her friends, and he had even called his friends.

He was desperate to find her, so I offered to drive out and help him search. He said it wasn’t necessary, but I asked him if he had any better plan. He didn’t, so I got into the car and arrived just after midnight. He had coffee waiting, and we began driving around the town. After a few hours, we went back to his place to get some food and rest.

He was pretty keyed up about the situation, and he couldn’t seem to sit still. He kept saying how foolish he had been, and he just wanted to apologize to her. I knew he had deep feelings for her, so I told him we could keep searching if he wanted. He told me what a good friend I was, and said he’d like nothing better.

When we climbed back into the car, there were still a few hours before the sun would rise. We drove all the same roads again, but there was no sign of her. Just after dawn, we went back to his place to get a few hours of sleep. While he headed off for his bedroom, I made myself comfortable on the couch. He suddenly yelped; it seems his girlfriend was hiding in the last place he thought to look for her.